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Meet the team

Prayushi Mathur

CEO and Co-founder

Meet Prayushi, a visionary in the realms of AI and robotics. With a solid educational foundation and a master's degree from IIIT-H, she is the Co-founder and CEO of Ajnhawk, contributing to the forefront of innovation in construction technology. Prayushi's expertise lies at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, where her dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology is evident. As a pioneering force, she continues to redefine the landscape, showcasing the transformative power of her insights and leadership in these cutting-edge domains.

Kajal Sanklecha

CTO and Co-founder

Meet Kajal, dynamic CTO and Co-founder of Ajnhawk. With a background rooted in Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. candidate at IIIT Hyderabad, she brings a wealth of expertise in 3D Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Robotics to the forefront. Kajal's visionary leadership is instrumental in steering Ajnhawk towards groundbreaking innovations in the construction technology sector. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology is not only evident in her academic pursuits but also in the transformative impact she is making as a key player in the industry.